That lovely Stop Sign

That lovely Stop Sign
This sign is the most loved/hated thing here!

I did it! I am committed! WE are doing it!

I have taken the "before" pictures, I have announced my journey to my community. I have asked for their help in holding me accountable - I am going to lose this weight, gain health and hopefully inspire others along the way to do the same. Together we will become stronger individuals and become a stronger, healthier community!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 7, A Day of Rest and Reflection

There are so many stories to tell - at several intervals today, I kept thinking of ones I haven't shared.  Then I sit to write and I forget!  The new recruits arrived tonight and one lady is trying to quit smoking which reminded me of one of the amazing success stories.  A lady that is here for 5 weeks, arrived last week smoking a pack a day.  As of Friday, she had not smoked once and said that she had not even missed it!  How amazing - no step down, on gum, no meds, just hard work, sweat and good food and she is feeling amazing!  So happy for her!

Sunday's are to be a day of rest and that is how I used it, but it was really hard.  It was hard to be away from my family, my home, my job, etc.  This was the only day I have been hungry and boy have I been hungry!  My stomach has been growling all day!  Funny how when your body doesn't have something to focus on, it focuses on hunger - or at least mine did today.  After complaining about the workouts all week, I can't wait for it to start tomorrow - the time off is hard, too much time to think about what I have left at home to come here.

So since I am here - here we go with today.  Today was weigh in day and this is NOT the TV show.  No one here, not even the men, had numbers like you see on TV.  In fact, Susie from Season 2, was here last week and she had a lot to say about that.  She reminded us that a week on TV is more like 2 or even 3 and that there is a lot of purposeful dehydration prior to weighing in. 

Today, I had a real-life weigh-in.  I ate breakfast at 7, had my normal 2 cups of hot tea and 2 glasses of water.  I ate my fruit and my muffin and I had my weigh in an hour later.  I also stopped taking my fluid pill last week after the dehydration episodes, so my real weigh in was a little disappointing I must admit.  They say the average for women is 2 lbs the first week.  I had 4 lbs, but I was still expecting more.  According to the multi-weekers before me, week 2 is better.   The trainers say that the body is in shock and just holding on to the weight and that when it realizes you are going to continue this, then it starts to fall off - we will see.

The menu board shows what we ate and I mostly caught up on my TV watching and a little paperwork.  I did my laundry and napped.  That's about it.  We'll see what the new week holds!

My knee is feeling so much better with the rest and here is Monday's schedule:

6:00  Yogalates
7:00  Breakfast
8:00  Hikes
11:15  Pool or Mountain
12:45  Lunch
2:30  Circuit Training
3:30  Step-n-PUKE (can't wait - NOT)
4:30  Pool
5:45 Dinner

With week 2 and beyond, I have some free time after lunch and after dinner, no required lectures!  We just have to do an extra class every day, for me that will be the 6AM class every morning.  TTFN

Day 6, Mind over Body or sometimes Body over Mind

Saturday is Breakfast, Hike, Class, Lunch and then FREE TIME until dinner at 5:30 and graduation for those departing at 6:30.  My free time was spent watching CNN's Tsunami coverage and sleeping - mostly sleeping! 

Saturday is a mandatory Stop Sign hike that is timed and compared to Monday's time.  Monday I had a time of 1:39 and Saturday was 1:35, so four minutes off.  It wasn't what I wanted, but I am content considering I had to fight my knee injury the whole way.  I have to keep reminding myself that it really is about the little things and 4 minutes seems little, but it will add up quickly!

I have to continue to remember that when good little things add up to big, good things - so do bad little things add up to big, bad things.  For me, food is this issue!  Saturday's menu was good, most of the calories are at breakfast since we hike and have only one class to burn it off.  I also have pictures of the Parfait next to a coffee cup and a water carafe, to show relative size.  I have major portion control issues!  I am trying to retrain my mind and this place is a great place to do that!

On the hike, I was all about mind over body.  My body wanted to stop, but not in an "I am really hurting, you must stop" way, but in an "I am really uncomfortable and I don't want to do this" kind of way.  There is a saying here that the trainers use a lot "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!"  I am starting to really understand the importance of that saying!  I took a few pictures today and a video.  I'm not sure if I can post the video here, but I will put the video on Facebook for sure.  They both show that we are in the tops of the mountains.  It is a challenge to walk and to breathe up there!  Great for all systems, when I get back to Ohio I should definitely have some increased lung capacity!

The picture below is of "sisters" as we refer to them.  They are leaving today and I will miss them.  The remind me of my own sisters whom I miss very much.  The love and understanding you have with a sister is like none other!  One sister lost 100 lbs and has kept it off for 5 years and was here to jump-start her loss of the last 20 lbs.  One had breast cancer and lots of radiation and was here to regain strength.  The third (Lisa) has really bad asthma and was trying to lose weight.  The first two sisters made it to stop sign and then walked back down to get the third and bring her up.  There was lots of crying and hugging and crying, as Lisa shaved 14 minutes off of her time and made it up with a smile on her face with her sisters by her side.  I have to admit I cried with them!  They are awesome and I will miss them.

After the hike, I had stretch class and I really got in touch with my body and was able to hear what it had to say.  Stretch class was over and my body said, no it's not!  So I stayed and stretched for another 1/2 hour until it loosened up and was ready to move on. There was another score for the mental gymnastics there - I wanted to quit when class was done, but the body was ready to do more and really needed to do more.  Some days, your body just takes longer to respond.  After stretch class, I usually feel like Gumby, but it took a while longer to achieve that today - but it did happen when I listened to my body talk (my body talk - now that song will be in my head all day!).  So that was a body over mind win!

Lunch was great and then after my afternoon of napping, the hugging and the sad faces started at dinner as so many new and wonderful friends would be leaving in the morning!  Lots of hugs and lots of pictures, here are a few!

Then after graduation we had karaoke and then off to bed.  It was fun, but I didn't stay long as I was really tired.  Here is a picture of Seth from New York singing Sweet Caroline and everyone waving along.  Seth is every stereotype of New Yorker you ever heard, except he is the nicest guy you'll ever meet!  Some brave souls belted out some tunes; actually, they didn't need to be that brave, because they were awesome! 

That about wraps up Saturday!  TTFN

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 5, TGIF - no matter where you are Friday still rocks!

First off, this is the view from my bedroom window!  What a view to wake up to every morning - God's handiwork is beautiful.  It is an inspiring place to be - even though I am more of a beach person than desert any day.  But I can find the beauty in my surroundings with the best of them - as my mom said, snow capped mountains are pretty anywhere.

This beautiful picture on the left is how I spent many hours today - icing my knee.  After doubling checking what I was told in my stupor of pain last night - I tore the muscles that hold the pattela in place.  Now I have a beautiful pink brace made of Kinesio tape (by the way - awesome stuff).
Today's menu was all great as usual.  I don't eat fish, so I had a Boca Burger instead tonight.  Here's is the best picture I could get of the menu board - my phone doesn't like when the sun beams in that window (but I do).

I left my schedule somewhere today, so I can give you that run down, but I just did gym and pool today.  I opted not to hike do to my knee and I did some major mental work while in the gym this morning.  First of all, I had to have a talk with myself that just because my knee was hurt didn't mean I couldn't work my upper body.  So, after me and myself had a through talking, it was off to the gym and 2 hours later I felt like I had accomplished something!  I worked my upper body on every machine and then one of the trainers came in and showed me some great cardio modifications and I got my heart rate up there for a good work-out too.  Then I did an hour in the pool.  Most of the rest of the day I spent off of my knee, talking to the trainers and working on my calorie budget and looking at way so change my life at home for the better.  So time off for the body, time invested in the mind - but, I still worked out for 3 hours today!

That's about all I have for tonight.  I have some work stuff to get done, so off to that.  Thanks for all of your comments, I love reading them every night before I start typing the blog!  You are all an inspiration to me!  TTFN

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 4, It really does get better!

The day started with an incredible hike call 3rd Ravine.  We started at the bottom of the hill and climbed to the top of the mountain you see in the picture (the one on the right), we made it to the top!  That was the great part, but coming down was not so much fun....I tore my petella (sp?).  Anyway, the pictures are awesome!  Ice and some accupuncture seem to be helping the knee a lot, oh and a lot of vitamin I as they call it around here.

Today's schedule was:

6 AM Total Body Conditioning
7AM  Breakfast
8 AM Hikes
11:15 AM Stretch Class (LOVE IT)
12:30 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Cooking Demo
2:30 PM Pool
3:30 PM Ball Works
4:30 PM Treading
5:30 PM Dinner
6:15 PM Menu Planning

There is no time to stop, next week gets better as we don't have to attend the lectures and that gives a little breathing room.

Here are some more pictures of the terrain we are climbing.  Lots of large muscle work, which is burning off the calories!  Makes for some sore quads, but happy faces when you get to the top.  It really is amazing what our bodies are capable of.

I never had my phone in the dining room today, so I missed pictures of the menu board, but it was all great.  I can't wait to try the chef's recipies at home!   They really are so much volume of food for so little calories.  I did not finish all of my food at any meal today - I still can't believe that.  We really do need so much less food than we think.  We have been marketed to death on adding this and adding that, we just need less of everything!

For all of you in Jackson who have signed up at the Y, I am so happy for you!  I hope you get everything you want out of it and I hope you find all that you are capable of.  There is a lady here on a walker and she is such an inspriation!  She walks at least 6 miles everyday and is gaining so much strength.  There is a couple here that are in their late 60's and early 70's that walked 18 miles today - they are in there 6th week here and came here "off the couch."  She came in as a size 20 and is leaving this weekend a size 12 and he was a 42 and leaving a 36!  We have accepted way to many boundries for ourselves.  We can do anything! 

I have so much more to tell you, but I am too tired - must sleep!  TTFN

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3, Wednesday is hump day and it almost knocked me out!!

Wednesday is hump day around here for sure. It was an eventful day for me. It started off fine, did the Stop Sign hike again because the one I wanted was full. That turned out to be a good thing as those that went on Barrel Roll suggested it would have further aggravated my foot. The good news is that I did exercise, even though I would have used my foot as an excuse at home! I finished 5 miles today, limped part of it, but I did it! I burned 1,243 calories on the hike and that was more food than I had today. So from my post yesterday, we know I have a resting metabolic rate of over 2,000 and since there is 3,500 calories in a pound – I was already well on my way to losing weight.

Then it was off to the pool. The pool is hard, but I love it because my feet don’t hurt. After pool was lunch and then a lecture on Breaking Emotional Barriers. It was during that lecture that the altitude sickness and the dehydration hit. Dehydration is a funny thing – I am drinking tons of water, but I am just peeing it back out and not absorbing any of it. So it was electrolyte tablets in the water and I am feeling much better.

I had my first ever Acupuncture treatment tonight. She was treating the dehydration and the altitude sickness only since it was so bad and I am going to go back tomorrow to have her work on my foot. I really liked her and she was incredibly knowledgeable!

Not a lot of picture taking today, I have really not felt up to it. But there are a few. I grabbed a picture of the menu board and yes, the beet soup was INCREDIBLE. If you had told me a week ago that I would be scrapping the bottom of the bowl for the last spoonful – I wouldn’t have believed you! It tasted like it had tons of cream and bad stuff in it, but it didn’t and it was awesome! Yes, I am raving about beet soup. It was my favorite thing all day, but the CafĂ© Salad was a close second.

I promise to write more tomorrow, I know this is not that informative, but I think I need to go to bed. Good night all and thanks a million for all of your wonderful comments – keep ‘em coming! TTFN

PS I almost forgot, today is our 14th anniversary!  I love you Jim and I would do it all over again!  You are my very best friend and thank you for making this trip happen.  Love ya, babe!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 2, I survived it!

First I'll give you today's menu - the food is REALLY good and on the phone tonight my dad asked if I was hungry and I have to say NO and tonight at dinner - I really couldn't finish all my food. It is so nutritious and voluminous that it is really filling!

At 6:30 this morning I had my RMR (resting metabolic rate) tested and I was pleased to find that I had a "high" metabolism, but I already thought I did.  What that says is that there is NO reason I should have let myself get in this position!!   But I did and here I am.....  I found that if I "sat in a chair" all day, I would burn 2448 calories and that if I was "active" defined as taking stairs, parking farther away and caring a basket while shopping instead of pushing a cart - that's an extra 732 calories burned!!  So, now we're talking 3,180 calories burned.  Then, you add exercise, just an hour a day and you've got another 400-500 calories and wow, now we're talking 3,680 calories.  So if I am consuming (while here anyway) 1200 calories a day and burning way more than those calories - I should see major results.

I have a lot more to say about what I have learned on that note, but I am too tired to tell you all about it tonight.  The hike I took this morning was amazing!  It was my first "off road" hike.  There were Indian carvings and cliff and drop-offs and gorges and all I can say is it was breath-taking.  Here are a few of the things we saw.

The girl next to me is my AWESOME new friend Kay from Austin, Texas and she is a hoot!  She keeps me in stitches.  I just wish I had my camera at breakfast when she showed us all how Gene Simmons would get the last drop of smoothie out of a glass.  She is a riot.  Everyone here is great and so focused and so positive - I can't say enough good things. 

I had some serious foot pain this afternoon, so instead of killing it on a cardio machine, I took two back-to-back pool classes and this is NOT your grandma's water aerobics!!  I am sore!  But I'm glad I did it because my foot feels so much better.  No quitting around here - just modification and push on. 

Well, I have laundry to finish - you burn through a lot of clothes that are drenched in sweat, so TTFN.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wow, Day One is under the belt!

I am so exhausted, but I know many of you are dying to know what happened so blog away I go!

First thing I have to say is that 6:00 AM comes early, even if you are used to East Coast time!!  The first "class" wasn't really a workout, it was just an intro to all of the machines and they have a lot.  There was stuff I had never seen - not even in gyms in Columbus.  Then it was off to breakfast. 

I was so hungry that I forgot to get a picture before I started eating, so all I got was my half-eaten food.  It was  a veggie frittata and fruit and it was yummy.

Then the so hyped "Stop Sign Hike"  it really wasn't as bad as I had heard.  It was only 4-1/2 miles uphill, starting at 3000 ft above sea level and going to 4000 ft.  That said - it was tough.  The air is really thin and it was a struggle to breath!  With some help on breathing technique from an awesome guide, I made it.  My official time today was 1:39.  Doesn't sound great, but that included a potty break and remember before you judge - it's ALL up hill!!  Here I am at the top and still smiling!

After that I had a blessed stretching class - luck of the draw there, as there are 3 different rotations.  The stretching after the hike was awesome! 

Lunch couldn't come fast enough - it was chili and it was incredible for only being 400+ calories.  Here's a copy of today's menu board.  There was a lecture after lunch and then.....I started to wonder - what in the heck did I get myself into!

It was 3 brutal classes after lunch.  First up was step and pump and I really did almost puke!  I really didn't think I could make it to the end, but I did!  Yeah, me.  Then it was pool, which I loved - execpt that it was 30 some degrees outside and the wind was blowing like crazy.  After pool, you have 15 minutes to run to your room, change and make it to circuit.  2 mins on cardio and 2 mins on strength with 20 sec in between to switch machines.  It was tough, but nothing compared to Step and Puke - I was not a happy camper, but so proud that I finished it - old Bobbi would have quit 10 minutes in.  Don't quit is all I can say - you will really surprise yourself when you push. 

One last picture of my room - I am on the 2nd floor (no, they do not have elevators!) and on the end.  Look at the snow capped mountains - they are beautiful. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's so hard to believe that I am actually here!  It's been a very busy day.  My room is beautiful and I have an incredible view of the mountains from my window.  I'm unpacked - all three boxes I shipped out and two suitcases and two carry-ons - all put away!  That was a work-out in itself.

Purchased my heart-rate monitor and wore it while I unpacked - burned 1038 calories doing that!  Everyone has been incredible and all the friends I met on-line are even better in person.  Everyone is so supportive!  This is going to be the easy part- I can already see that leaving here and entering the real world will be the hard part.

Here's my schedule for tomorrow:

6:00 AM  Intro to Circuit
7:00 AM  Breakfast
8:00 AM Hikes
11:15 AM Stretch
12:30 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Lecture on Budgeting Calories
2:00 PM Stretch Basicis
2:30 PM Step and Pump (Rumor has it this is really Step and Puke)
3:30 PM Pool
4:30 PM Circuit Training
5:30 PM  Dinner
6:15 PM  Lecture on Spending your Calories Wisely

Oh, I forgot to mention that dinner was AWESOME.  Incredible food with dessert for under 500 calories!  I will remember to take pictures tomorrow of the food. 

With my schedule for tomorrow in mind - I am off to bed!  TTFN

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

WOW, I knew the pictures would end up in the paper - BUT I wasn't expecting to have my fat plastered on the front page - IN COLOR!!!!!! I do have to thank Steve Keller for being gracious in his interview and writing a telling tale of the journey I am to undertake and the contest the Y is conducting.  But wow, again - wasn't expecting front page and don't even have to buy the paper to see my fat.  However, as much as I am freaked-out over this - the truth is that anytime you look at me - YOU CAN SEE MY FAT!  It doesn't have to be in Spandex, you can see it just fine in jeans and a T-shirt!!  I have to keep telling myself - it is what it is.  What's that saying...about a pig and lipstick....there should be one about fat and Spandex!

All I can say is this BETTER be helpful to someone, somewhere and I sure hope people get something out of this, in other words - I sure hope my public humiliation is not in VAIN!!!

The Butterflies are Coming, The Butterflies are Coming!

It would seem normal to most to have butterflies in the stomach about a big adventure - at least I think so. The thing is - I don't normally, at least not until it is within a 24 hour period of said adventure. I stay so busy, I keep my life so compartmentalized, that normally I wouldn't be thinking this much about something and for this long.

The big news for those of you that know me really well is that I am almost packed - or shipped as it may be. I have 3 boxes going out today via UPS. Thanks to Debbie for packing them - you are a life saver - I would have let them sit there until crisis struck and they had to go NDA. I have purchased every ice pack, rub, cream, ointment, pain pill (legal and over-the-counter of course), heat wrap, brace, bandage, and tape you can think of! I will have a make-shift hospital triage in my room! Can you tell my biggest fear is injury?

In a very weird set of circumstances, I am pretty well prepared and left wondering how I am supposed to act now. I keep waiting for that proverbial "other shoe to drop" because things seem to be going so well. Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

My daughter's birthday is Saturday and I even have her present ready to go (thanks to Becky!). This is a new feeling for a new me - ready and prepared (not as prepared as Debbie or Becky would be - but nonetheless, prepared for me). I kind of like this feeling.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

One Week to Go!

Hard to believe that this time next week I will be enduring the timed "Stop Sign Hike" at Fitness Ridge! From the other blogs it is said to be 11.5 miles, reaching 4000 ft above sea level, at an 11% uphill grade. Now, I hope they are exaggerating - but I'll let you know for sure next week!

Wrapping things up here at work. Stuff is all purchased, waiting on one more package to arrive with my last pair of shoes. I am taking 3 pair - one for running (I can't currently actually do that!), one for trails and one that is a cross-trainer for the gym.

Stuff at home is transitioning nicely - hubby is doing all the housework there as I have been working late to get ready here at work. He is amazing! I can't say enough about my husband - I love you so much babe! He and the kids are going to be just fine - they all know how to microwave food and we live next to a Wal-Mart so they should survive! Actually, my parents got home from their 4 week vacation last night and my mom will be making sure they are fed (she lives around the corner!). Thanks mom!

Better get back to work, things are starting to come alive around here. TTFN

Saturday, February 13, 2010

YMCA Contest

Jackson Area YMCA

Lose it with Bobbi

Weightloss Challenge

Must register by 9:00 pm, Monday, February 22

Space is limited to the first 100 people to register

  • 6 week program open to the community – ages 14 and up
  • $35.00 registration fee/person - $60.00/*family
  • $25.00 registration fee/person - $50.00/*family (for current YMCA members)
  • Fee includes:
    • 6 week YMCA facility membership for non-members
    • Free Circuit Slimdown Classes – Certified Instructor
    • Free Zumba Classes – Certified Instructor
    • YMCA Certified Personal Trainer available at a reduced hourly rate
    • Weekly weigh-ins
    • Progress Charted – confidential
    • Weekly DVD of Bobbi's training (journey) available
    • Biggest Loser Resort Chef inspired cookbook available
    • **Cash prizes for the top three losers based on percentage of weight loss at the end of the program. Cash prize weekly for the #1 loser based on percentage of weight loss

*Family is parent(s) and minor (ages 14 through current high school senior) children.

**Based on number of participants. To quality for cash prizes you must attend three (3) classes or workout sessions and one weigh in each week.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jackson Area YMCA
Lose it with Bobbi
Weightloss Challenge
Must Register by 9:00 pm, Monday, February 22nd
Space is limited to first 100 people to register

See The Telegram or call the YMCA for details.
6 week program, open to all residents age 14 and up
Lots of cool stuff included!

More Pictures

Oh, how could I have denied this for so long? My weight at the YMCA today was 254 lbs. When I booked my visit to the Ridge over Thanksgiving, I was at 267 lbs. Down 13 lbs, so my changes in diet (mostly eating at home instead of out) have made a difference.

My "BEFORE" pictures are done

Here they are in all their glory! The newspaper will be printing them so you might as well see them here first.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The pictures are coming....ouch!

Tomorrow, at 1:30 pm, my local newspaper will be doing an interview and the YMCA will be doing my "before" pictures. So, since the paper and the Y will have them, I might as well post them on here! More accountability!

The YMCA will be offering a contest for locals to sign up and lose along with me. Tuesday's edition of the Telegram will run the interview and the details of the contest. Hope some others will join in and lose some weight and get healthy with me!

Tonight I am trying on work-out clothes to decide what to wear....just how much fat am I going to show? They will post my weight, body fat, BMI and all that jazz, but the pictures are the scariest! I don't think I can go all the way to the Biggest Loser standard of the sports bra and spandex shorts, but we will see. I have always said it doesn't matter because everyone can see just how fat I am anyway - but when push comes to shove, I don't know if I can do it!

Wish me luck or should I say - wish me courage!

FAT, such an ugly word.

I was thinking this morning about my recent use of the word FAT. I have been using it a lot lately as I am opening up to others about my journey. I began to wonder why that word was coming up so much; when the truth is, that in my mind, what really flipped the switch to do this was health. But, my brain is focused on fat and it isn't budging at the moment.

This all really began to click for me when I actually cancelled a doctor's appointment because I didn't want to know how bad I was wrecking my body!! I really could not face going in and hearing how bad my numbers were!! I knew they were getting worse, I could feel it - but I couldn't bare to hear it. I knew I needed to hear it, but that wasn't going to make the news any easier.

After that, the next button that got pushed for me was our Christmas vacation. We went on a fabulous cruise and my daughter wanted to do a canopy tour in Costa Rica. Well, the good news was that she was 3 months too young for the minimum age requirement, because the devastating news would have been that I weighed too much to go!!! I actually weighed more than the maximum weight allowable! That was the first time my weight had been so high that some outside source said I couldn't do something. My abilities to do stuff have interfered before, but never my weight. I never thought I'd be "that" person.

So, maybe that is why so much focus is on the word FAT. My goal is not a size, a weight, an outfit or any real connection to my thoughts about FAT. My goal is really on health - I want to be able to do everything with my kids. I want to feel like doing stuff. I want to be able to jump in and try anything. I want to be the mom, wife, daughter, sister, employer, leader, chair, community member, etc that I can be and not the one I am settling for at the moment - this one is tired and grumpy a lot of the time!

I hear people talk about how fat they think they are and I can honestly say that I never realized how fat I was until recently. Possibly because I was such a skinny kid, I did not have a mental picture of myself as fat - that is until I started to look at some pictures my son took of me on my iPhone. The other stuff was clicking, the not wanting to go to the doctor, the being too heavy for the tour - but all of the sudden, I realized I was FAT. Some of you that see me often are going "no kidding, I could have told you that!" Seriously, I just didn't see it in my minds eye. All of the sudden, it is right here in front of me in plain sight!! Now to deal with it.

I need all the help I can get folks. I appreciate all of the positive encouragement you have given me already - keep it coming!! Thanks everybody.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Stuff

Lots of new stuff arriving in the mail daily. It is amazing how much stuff I need to lose this weight - it was so easy to gain it. There are running shoes, gym shoes, hiking shoes, pool shoes and comfortable shoes. Also needed are hiking pants, jogging pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, bike shorts and hanging out pants. Then there are sports bras, ankle braces, knee braces, trainer's tape, ace bandages, body glide, foot glide, moleskin, 2nd skin, band aids, bandages, blister covers, duct tape - that stuff is good for EVERYTHING, and a Camelbak. I haven't even started in on the socks....anti-blister, double layer socks - some for hiking, some for running, some for cross-training and some just to keep my tootsies warm!

I was about to really start complaining about the money and all the stuff - could this healthy thing really be cost effective - then it hit me..... I spent way more than this getting in this condition!! Let see, McDonald's, Dakotas, Toro Loco, Red Robin, Donatos, Burger King, ohhh Sonic, Cardos, Uncle Bill's chili, Doritos, Kettle Chips, Amish Bakery Donuts and I could go on and on! Of course there were new clothes to buy, new shoes to buy - yes, my feet got fat too, and too many medications - ones for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reflux, and so on. Hmmm, I'm starting to see a pattern of spending here.....maybe I should take a closer look at this idea of how much it is costing me to lose this weight.....maybe I can't afford to stay fat!!

On that note, I think I'll sign off. TTFN

How this happens....

I've heard people say "How does someone get so fat?" "How did you let that happen?" Well, it happens so slowly that sometimes it just sneaks up on you, especially when you are focused on other things.

This picture shows pants I can wear now on bottom, pants I wore just 4 years ago next, and on top are shorts that I wore on the day I met my husband. I wasn't even "skinny" back then, at least not compared to my youth.

So, a marriage, a move, a new job, two kids, five dogs, a non-profit, a hysterectomy, a husband's open heart surgery, and the list goes on...... These are not excuses, they are just life. My life and my choices. My choices - that's the biggie!! Now, I have to make different choices so I can get different results - at least in the area of food and exercise.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The time is getting near.....

Well, today I changed my flight and I will actually be flying into Vegas on Sat the 20th because my flight on Sunday wasn't going to get me there in time for orientation activities. So a night in Vegas on my own before the torture begins!!

My darling son is sitting here helping me post tonight. I am teaching him how to check my blog so he can see pictures of the hikes and the food everyday.


Monday, February 8, 2010

So, why is Bobbi writing a BLOG????

For those of you that do not know - I am taking responsibility for my weight issue and finally doing something about it. I am leaving on Feb 20th for a six week visit to fat camp - at least that is what my comical family has been calling it!

Here are the details: I am heading to Ivins, Utah to the Biggest Loser @ Fitness Ridge. I will not be on the TV show, although several different shows are taping there and following different people. The TV show Biggest Loser is taped in CA, but many former constestants have been at Fitness Ridge lately. I have about 100 lbs to lose, so six weeks isn't gonna fix my problems, but it will be a great jump start!

Well, that's all for now. I just wanted to get this set up so I could send out the link to all of you that have been asking. I probably won't be blogging again until I get there; I am too busy trying to get ready to go! But, once I'm there I will be blogging daily to keep you all up to date with the 8 hrs of exercise and the 1200 calories of food!!!! Typing that out makes me nervous!!!!


Setting up my blog

Well, it's all set up. Here's my blog and now the fun part.... At some point here in the next two week I will have to actually take a "before" picture------Oh how I do NOT want to do this - but I think it might just be necessary.