That lovely Stop Sign

That lovely Stop Sign
This sign is the most loved/hated thing here!

I did it! I am committed! WE are doing it!

I have taken the "before" pictures, I have announced my journey to my community. I have asked for their help in holding me accountable - I am going to lose this weight, gain health and hopefully inspire others along the way to do the same. Together we will become stronger individuals and become a stronger, healthier community!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 19, the 3rd Friday

Fridays are always a lot of fun around here. Fun classes, everyone is in a Friday kind of mood - makes you smile all day!  Today I took my 1st Cardio Disco Jam class - yes, my 1st.  I have NO rhythm so I have been afraid of it and taken other classes instead.  But today I decided to let my inhibitions go and have fun with it - and it was a BLAST!!!  Came out of there dripping sweat and having laughed and smiled the whole time - I will definitely be doing that again!

No pics again today - sorry.  Did my classes, spent time in the hot tub and got an amazing facial.  Sounds like a hard day, LOL.  TTFN

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