That lovely Stop Sign

That lovely Stop Sign
This sign is the most loved/hated thing here!

I did it! I am committed! WE are doing it!

I have taken the "before" pictures, I have announced my journey to my community. I have asked for their help in holding me accountable - I am going to lose this weight, gain health and hopefully inspire others along the way to do the same. Together we will become stronger individuals and become a stronger, healthier community!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 24, my 4th Wednesday

Wednesday was a day of underperformance on my part!  I biked and did pool and ran on the treadmill.  In the "real world" that would have been a whole lot, but here it was terrible! I am struggling with endurance.  When I go all out on one day, the next day I drag all day! 

I got my hair colored tonight - about time.  I no longer have 2 inches of gray hair showing, that's a good thing!  That was all she wrote on 3/16/10. 

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