That lovely Stop Sign

That lovely Stop Sign
This sign is the most loved/hated thing here!

I did it! I am committed! WE are doing it!

I have taken the "before" pictures, I have announced my journey to my community. I have asked for their help in holding me accountable - I am going to lose this weight, gain health and hopefully inspire others along the way to do the same. Together we will become stronger individuals and become a stronger, healthier community!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 26, the 4th Friday

Well, it is the end of 4 weeks - can you say burn-out?  I really felt burnt out!  The schedule, the repetition, the rigidity and on and on......  Don't get me wrong, I love it here and I am ever so thankful for this opportunity, but it does get old.  Did a bike ride this morning, then lunch and the mandatory 1:15 class with the counselor and then it was time for a break. 

Headed to Vegas to see off my friend Jerica.  I really didn't want her to leave!  She didn't fly out until late Saturday night, so we had a great celebration Friday night!  There were lots of BL@FR people going to Vegas this weekend.  There were also some alums in town as well.  Met some wonderful people! 

Friday night we went to a night club and DANCED.  We danced and danced and danced!  Burned a ton of calories.  They even played Saturday Night Fever and I got to use my moves from Cardio Disco Jam!!!  For those of you that know me well, you know I can't really dance - but thanks to my new friend Al for showing me some of her moves.  It was all fun and I didn't really care what anyone else thought.  I really did dance like no one was watching!

The bad news is that I hurt my knee again that night!  Oh well, it happens.  My left knee is again swollen and black and blue in spots.  All I did was twist it, but the old injury seemed to pop right back up agian.  Back on the Vitamin I and ice, lol.  Hit the bed about 3 am, you only live once  - right!

That was Friday. 

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