That lovely Stop Sign

That lovely Stop Sign
This sign is the most loved/hated thing here!

I did it! I am committed! WE are doing it!

I have taken the "before" pictures, I have announced my journey to my community. I have asked for their help in holding me accountable - I am going to lose this weight, gain health and hopefully inspire others along the way to do the same. Together we will become stronger individuals and become a stronger, healthier community!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 32, REALLY missing my kids!!

Today was rough on the emotional side of things.  I am really feeling the pull of home.  My daughter is sick and my son is really missing me - it is tough to be away from them.  I knew it would be rough, but it is getting harder as the days go by.  One more week to go....

On the exercise front, did less today than yesterday.  Biked more, but did not swim.  Took another Pilates class, those are nice and don't hurt my feet!  I have a Pilates machine at home and never use it, mostly because I didn't know how or what to do with it.  I am learning and I really like it; 2 more classes next week and I should be good to go at home on my machine! My abs are really feeling it too!!

Took the "menu planning" class again - learned more.  I know I haven't written much about the education series, but they really are 50% of what you get out of this place.  I will be writing more about them later as I begin to put them into practice.

I am planning to ride the full 10 miles on the road tomorrow.  When I have ridden the full 10 miles previously, it has been in the gym.  The road is a lot different and a little scary at times.  I mapped out a safe route through town, most of it has bike lanes and traffic only reaches a max of 35.  I'll let you know how it goes!  Also plan to swim and practice the transitions again in the afternoon.  Gotta figure out what I am going to wear.  Probably will be buying a new bathing suit tomorrow, current one is not staying up too well.  Of course, I am not complaining about that!

That's about it.   TTFN


  1. I bet you are missing the family....but you are almost home and will be a healthier mom when you get back. Enjoy the ride, sounds fun. I have never done pilates, but I guess that is going to change real soon for me! Hang in there just a lil over a week left! ((hugs))

  2. I am so so so proud of you! You have inspired so many people and you continue to inspire me! This week will fly by...enjoy it! Miss you, girl! xoxo Kay

  3. Hi Bobbi,
    I am following your blog and wondering where you are these past few days. Youve done such a great job! I am going to the ranch October 24th...too bad I hadn't read about the $100 credit before I booked. I will be there 1 month. Please write and let me know how it turned out.